New Artwork

May 17th, 2006

There is new artwork to be found on the Traditional Page.

I also realize that the file size for some of the artwork there needs reduced (badly). I apologize for the possible lengthy loading time for some of the pieces. I will fix this pronto.


May 4th, 2006

All the content is finally up on the site and all links should work. More importantly, the page for traditional artwork is finished and can now be linked to from the homepage. I left this until last because:
A) It’s a pain to scan and edit all ‘traditional’ pieces.
B) Most of my artwork, model studies, etc. were ruined in a certain mishap*.
As a result most of the artwork on that page have been scanned from poor photocopies, which sadly is all that remains of my art school days. I hope to produce more work soon, albeit it’s going to be a long time before I’ll be able to attend any sessions with real models.

There are a few development issues that I’ll have to iron out in the next week or so. First and foremost are database issues with the guestbook. At the moment the code doesn’t handle illegal characters such as quotation marks. I realize that this is a big no-no and anyone trying to use such characters is going to receive an error. I deserve a good rap on the knuckles with a ruler for the lack of error handling in my code.
Beyond that there are a couple of formatting ‘quick fixes’ that I need to put in place.

The site’s not flashy. I needed something quick and decided to keep it clean. The first index page I created was far too busy and I was having too many cross-browser problems with the coding. Now at least I can concentrate on refinement and get down to answering some serious DHTML questions.

*A mishap which may (or may not) have involved a pack of wild kittens.

Mom, what’s a digital neophyte?

April 22nd, 2006

This is my first post in the digitalneophyte blog!

What is a Digital Neophyte anyhow? defines a neophyte as a beginner or novice. Being that I am somewhat new to the programming/ developing hooha (although I’m not new to the web industry) I thought that digital neophyte was an appropriate description for me, Michelle McGough.

Nice ta meet cha.

Most of what I’ll document here is the wonderful journey down the web development path, my most recent trial being cross-platform considerations with DHTML.

Also, any new artwork I put out on the site may get mentioned here from time to time.

And that’s the short and long (although mostly short) of it.